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Rock Climbing Expert Turned Yoga Professional Sean Shelton


With his new baby Connor in the background, Sean Shelton, founder of Mindful Ascension Yoga in Chandler, AZ ignites this audio with his care, enthusiasm and care for others.

Sean discusses the challenges of perception in the yoga room, and the consequences of drama in the Yoga room. The power of respect, and how to apply that both in class and in life.

It is uplifting to listen to Sean share about knowing one self, and being true to one self.

When Sean discovered Yoga, he realized that Yoga gave him the vocabulary to everything he has experienced up until then. As a gymnast, rock climber and avid lover of the world, Yoga simply brought everything together.

Listen to Sean as he described what he got from Yoga in the beginning and how that took him on a path that changed his life.

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