Optimize your Health with Donatas Certovskich

Optimize your Health with Donatas Certovskich

As a Vegetarian for over 15 years, Donatas Certovskich has been creating healthy meal choices all over the world. Having worked with some of the top Health Resorts, he now focuses on developing modern technology tools to improve the quality of life of his clients and the world at large.

He is proud of his work with an alternative oncologist to develop a raw and plant-based ketogenic diet.In this podcast he explored the power of knowing your body type and how to achieve the lifestyle you desire.

Whether you are a fast or slow metabolic type are modern scientific approaches of looking at ones eating habits.

Click here to find out what metabolic type you are.Listen to insights on how to immediately optimize your health, and how to create a new mental process around what or what not to eat.

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