Accept Your Incurability with Howard Evans

Accept Your Incurability with Howard Evans

Howard Evans is a rare soul.

A healer whose talents span from Thai Massage to Craniosacral Therapy, Yoga to Parenting.

His Thai Massage book is detailed with insights and clear vocabulary, while his newest book “The Story of Rose” is an allegorical tale that explores the modern world’s suppression of true spirituality and the creation of a fake and materialistic alternative.

Howard’s Yoga is steeped in his awareness of what helps others, primarily men to show up and feel comfortable, connected and conscious of the larger experience of life in the body. This is what he extends in his therapy work as well.

In this podcast Howard’s humor, lightness and sense of peace shines right through, especially as he talks about the power of focusing on what is working and not rather than what is not.

Howard offers incredible tips for students and teachers alike, and comments on the dilemmas he notices happening in today’s yoga world.

Howard primarily shares his craniosacral work these days, and saves his yoga classes for weekly experience with people living in Mallorca.

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