The Beginners Guide To Yoga

Best Yoga Book 2021 – The Complete Beginners Guide

We have read and reviewed dozens of the best yoga books on the market and after careful consideration, we would like to recommend these great reads which present yoga sutras in their purest forms.  So grab your yoga mat, yoga pants, and favorite yoga pose, and let’s discover yoga and the awesome physical and mental exercise benefits you can receive from the practice of this thousand-year-old exercise of perfection.

One of the greatest things about yoga is that you don’t have to be an expert in any of the great forms which are available for you to practice and try, as a matter of fact, the beginning yoga girl, yoga kid, yoga mom, yoga dad or first-timer can actually receive the same great mental and physical benefits of practicing yoga as much as those who practice some of the most complicated yoga poses in the world.

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Remember no matter your age, yoga is designed to provide you with a great, slow, controlled workout, help calm your mind, provide you with a sense of peace, and strengthen your core muscle groups. Everyone can do yoga no matter their age or physical limitations.

These valuable yoga books listed here provide a complete manual for the study and practice of several types of yoga to include the practices of Vinyasa yoga, Hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, Kundalini yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Bikram yoga, Yin yoga, Raja yoga, and Restorative yoga. Our recommended books on yoga include the timeless teachings of yoga and the spiritual path that one travels while learning the classic sutras, yoga ethics, mindful meditation, controlled breathing, and physical postures, all of which help you tremendously in your daily life when dealing with stress and the ups and downs of life in general. #india #fitindia

Yoga is here to offer you balance and a center in a world filled with stress, and within these great yoga books, there are recommendations on everything from finding great yoga classes near you, the different types of yoga practices for beginners, yoga books for kids, types of yoga poses and the best yoga pants to wear.

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First, we would like to recommend the book “Yoga Much” which debuted in the Amazon book store as a best-seller earlier in 2021.  Yoga Much focuses on the yoga types which help you conquer pain, depression, and mental fatigue.  In line with the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” by Sri Swami Satchidananda, “Yoga Much”, provides timeless teachings which can be read and referred to again and again by beginners and enthusiasts seeking the one true spiritual path, to peace, mindfulness, and calm.  

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Another great informative read on yoga is “Yoga Body, The Thirteen Ways Yoga Saved My Life”, written by Savannah Ryan, In this book, Savannah gives you the clearest path on how you can seek divine wisdom through the practice of yoga. Savannah spells out how, yoga helps you build better mental and physical resilience and develop better sleeping habits, kick yo-yo dieting, calm your mind and body, improve your mental acuity, fight depression and anxiety, and become physically stronger easing while easing chronic pain. #india #fitindia

Savannah shares how to allow your mind to be free of present tensions and future worries by allowing your body to do what it’s naturally designed to do which is to remain focused on the present and not become distracted by the future, Savannah defines how all this can all be accomplished through the dedicated practice of Yoga.

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To complete your spiritual, mind, and body transformation, check out this great book “Meditation, Better Sleep, Spiritual Healing, and Weight Management” or directly from the Amazon book link here and here 

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