The Ultimate Guide to Yoga Poses for Beginners

If you find yourself stressed with all of the worries of the world days, then we have two perfect books on Yoga and Meditation that you should add to your collection immediately.

The first book on Yoga that breaks down the most effective ways for you to tackle anxiety, loneliness, social media addictions, and more is called The Thirteen Ways Yoga Saved My Life, by Savannah Ryan. 

In this book, Savannah gives you the clearest path on how you can seek divine wisdom, get better sleep, kick the yo-yo dieting, calm your mind, develop better habits, fight depression, become physically stronger and ease chronic pain all with the use of Yoga.

Savannah shares how to allow your mind to be free of present tensions and future worries by allowing your body to do what it’s naturally designed to do which is to remain focused on the present and not become distracted by the future, Savannah defines how all this can all be accomplished through the dedicated practice of Yoga.

The book goes into greater detail on how to find transformative Yoga classes in your neighborhood, delves into the philosophy, techniques, and principles of Yoga, and deals with the mystic surrounding Yoga its origins, and practices.  Savannah shares why Yoga provides the perfect path to complete life balance.

Savannah further explores the timeless teachings of Yoga and its transformative, awakening properties and discusses how this ancient practice helps you relieve stress, increase flexibility, gain strength, improve your meditative mindset, create a sense of wellbeing, promote radiant health, spark unconditional love in your heart and help you feel fantastic from head to toe.

This Yoga guide is essential for beginners, and great for those seeking good health and vitality on their path to phenomenal spiritual reflections for the mind, body, and soul.  The Thirteen Ways Yoga Saved My Life is the ultimate written and audiobook experience for those seeking the perfect balance between a calm body and a quiet mind.

The next book, also written by Savannah Ryan on Meditation is titled Meditation for Better Sleep, Healing and Weight Loss and helps the reader discover the world of mediation as a practice for living a healthy high productive lifestyle.  

In this book, Savannah dives into what it means to discover meditation as the one true key to better sleep, ending depression, handling adversity, developing healthy habits, experiencing calm, and learning to separate your situation from the illusions your mind can and will create.  If you feel like you’re living in a world where your mind has died a thousand deaths through never-ending negative mental calculations, then this is the book for you.

Meditation for Better Sleep, Healing and Weight Loss, concentrates on helping you develop age-old breathing techniques designed to equip you with the abilities to ease your mind of worry, create internal and external resilience, improve your confidence, release negativity, improve mental health, practice mindfulness, increase self-love, daily joy, acceptance of others, deal with obsession and untether your soul as you travel on the road to positive, energized daily thinking full of inspiration and wisdom.

Savannah also pushes the boundaries of what it means to live a life of lasting joy and happiness through daily meditation and controlled, purposeful breathing practices.  

This book was written as a straightforward guide to help provide clear, simple, and concise steps in ways to practice meditation on a daily basis while providing a unique perspective on the everyday places and times you can practice very simple breathing techniques which can help boost your productivity, work-life balance, mental clarity and mindfulness to the myriad of interconnected tasks which make up the whole of your day.

For seasoned users of meditation, the skilled teacher or beginning enthusiast, Meditation for Better Sleep, Healing and Weight Loss is a must for your audiobook, eBook, or paperback book collection.  

Both titles are published by RyPul Media, a premier social media marketing agency, which promotes health-conscious authors who write about the positive effects of healthy diets and the use of yoga, meditation, and exercise to promote healthy, peaceful lifestyles for those seeking long productive healthy lives free of mental stress, chronic pain, anxiety, obesity or otherworldly obsessions which devalue the great human experiences we all seek to have.

Both of these great titles can be found on Amazon, Kindle, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and other digital and print retail outlets.

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