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ON SALE NOW! – “Yoga Body, The Thirteen Ways Yoga Saved My Life” Author Savannah Ryan’s new book!

Savannah Ryan presents a fascinating, informative, and instructive view on the age-old practice of Yoga and its compelling ability to deliver positive mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual benefits to those who practice its poses and follow its teachings on a regular and routine basis.

Savannah delves into the teachings on healing and perseverance, on balance and being present at the moment, on acceptance, happiness, health, and the primary object of yoga which is to free the mind of confusion and distress.

Savannah gives the reader ways to restore the mind and body to peace and simplicity.

For the first time reader, “The Thirteen Ways Yoga Saved My Life”, provides a series of engaging short, informative examinations of yoga, its history, the science behind it as well as the spiritual and medical benefits of regularly practicing yoga.  

The audiobook narrated by Chaleeya Yeh provides a calming yet informative perspective to the story that you should not miss.

The story provides easy-to-use information, descriptions of poses to practice, and well as approaches you can try in conjunction with yoga as it relates to your diet, exercise, relationships, and overall mental focus on life, work, and the future. This highly researched previously unpublished work is a must-read for the beginning yoga practitioner or years-long enthusiast.

“This book provides a place, community and lifestyle options to help you promote continued peace and tranquility in your everyday life” — Savannah Ryan

Includes pose illustrations, founding yoga quote, 66 pages, eBook, Audiobook, Paperback, and Digital Download

Editor’s Note

Other books by Savannah Ryan include “Meditation for Better Sleep, Healing and Weight Loss”, Savannah writes books, audiobooks, blogs, and opinion pieces that seek to help improve the human condition as well as the personal and professional relationship connected to life. 

Savannah’s writing can be found on Amazon, Authors Republic, Draft2Digital, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Payhip, ACX, and other online retailers of eBooks, Audiobooks, Hardcopies, and Digital Downloads.  

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